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If you are not able to “pound out” your “small dent” easily, you may have a medium dent in your car. In that case, you can attach a large suction cup with a handle to the dented car part.and “pull out” the dent. How does this work? As you squeeze the cup against the car body’s dented surface, you are actually squeezing the air out from underneath it. The resulting “vacuum” you create causes the suction cup to stick onto the surface. Start by placing the suction cup along the edge of the dent, pulling it out, and slowly working your way inward. If you’re still having trouble, you should try tapping the dent with a soft hammer, from the inside, while you pull out the dent from the outside.The rule according to the paint manufacturers & OEM is to always blend. Black is likely the only color you could skip a blend on and nobody would ever know. Some colors are better then others and when it comes to bumpers it depends on the comfort level your after.(2) The Bondo should come with a hardening agent that you mix once the surface of the Body is sanded. This hardener will set quickly, so once it’s mixed, get to work laying it on the damaged area.